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Kim lab photo, November 2016

Not present: Harini Chakravarty, Richard Rodiguez. 


Lab holiday party, Yankee swap


Christmas is here!!

Kim lab photo, November 2015.
Not present: Harini Chakravarty, Richard Rodiguez. 


Farewell party for Kathy Liu, November 2015


Persimmon picking party, Fall 2015


Lab Meeting on the Huron River, Ann Arbor-Michigan, 2015


Seung with Catherine Postic, CSH meeting 2015


Lab party, Summer 2015


Summer party at Stanford SCRA pool


Summer party at Stanford SCRA pool


Phil Pauerstein's thesis defence, June 2015


Visiting Raphael Scharfmann, April 2015


Visit to the lab of Alex Gould, April 2015


Developmental Biology 25th birthday celebrations


Farewell for Thomas Leung prior to his departure to University of Pennsylvania


Lab holiday party, December 2014


Lab holiday party, December 2014


Lab holiday party, December 2014


Kim lab photo, October 2013.
Not present: Thomas Leung, Harini Chakravarty, Nimit Jain, Katie-Rose Skelly, Sydni Topper, Richard Rodiguez. 


Seung Kim lab portrait with summer students (August 2012)


Summer high school students with their mentors (August 2012)


Pei Wang with Seung before her departure to UTHSC at San Antonio  (August 2012)


Hainan Chen and Seung at a farewell party just prior to Hainan's departure to run his own program (October 2011)



Lab lunch (June, 2010)


Lab Holiday Party (Dec. 2008)


Minshan's Baby Shower (Sept. 2008)


Julie's farewell party.

Julie Antonova farewell party.

Julie Antonova's Farewell Party (Sept. 2007)



Seung cutting his birthday cake.

Pei Wang, Seung Kim and Erika Bustamante.

Seung's Birthday Party (Sept. 2007)



Kim Group 2000

The Kim Laboratory 2000
Back: S. Kim, E. Harmon, D. Osborne, A. Ko, P. Peng
Front: A. Gerth, J. Lee, M.-L. Dequeant, K. Dickinson, A. Zhang



In-N-Out Burger

An impromptu lunchtime lab outing to In-N-Out Burger,
one of Joon and Erin's favorite eating establishments.



San Gregorio Photo 1

Another lunchtime scene, this time from San Gregorio Beach
near Half Moon Bay, CA, on a lab picnic.



San Gregorio Photo 2

Boules (or bocce, depending on your background) at the beach.



San Gregorio Photo 3

Boules Winners



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