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Post-doctoral fellowship openings

The laboratory of Dr. Seung Kim in the Department of Developmental Biology at the Stanford University School of Medicine has an opening for two post-doctoral fellows focused on projects with Drosophila melanogaster for studies of hormones and diabetes. Over the past 15 years, we have developed fruit flies as a powerful model to discover fundamental mechanisms regulating hormone biology and genetics relevant to human diseases, particularly diabetes mellitus (see citations on our website including Alfa & Kim, 2016; Alfa et al 2015; Park et al 2014). Our lab and department enjoy a vibrant environment of interdisciplinary work focused on both basic and translational science. We work and live in the beautiful setting of the Stanford campus in the renowned, innovative Silicon Valley. We are looking for self-motivated and independent individuals willing to learn from a cheerful PI and join a focused team of talented fly biologists in a highly collaborative environment at Stanford University. Previous experience working with flies is an asset. Skills or interest in hormone biology, genetics, physiology, cancer biology, electrophysiology, molecular biology and developmental biology are useful. Prior experience with hormone biology or diabetes research is helpful but not necessary. There are special opportunities to work with human islets and human pancreatic tissues, including from diabetic subjects, associated with this position. There are multiple internal and extramural funding opportunities to support this work. We have trained fellows from Europe, the U.K., Asia, Australia, Canada and the United States. These have presented their work at national and international meetings, and subsequently attained academic or industry positions.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter, detailed CV, and names of three references directly to Dr. Seung Kim,